Tutorial: Delphi integration with the Apache Geronimo application server

Three tutorials in the Habari ActiveMQ Client wiki show how to set up a simple (one-way) messaging bridge between Delphi applications and the Apache Geronimo Java web application server. The tutorials use the free Eclipse and NetBeans IDE and the embedded Apache ActiveMQ message broker in Geronimo to exchange messages between Java and Delphi code.

The message flow in these examples is described in an article for IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition (which is based on Apache Geronimo):

  • a HTTP client (web browser) hits a web page on the embedded Jetty or Tomcat web server in Geronimo
  • a Servlet receives the request, and sends a message to a JMS destination queue in ActiveMQ
  • a Delphi application is connected with ActiveMQ over the Stomp protocol and registers itself as a message consumer for the JMS destination queue
  • ActiveMQ transforms the message to a Stomp frame and forwards it to the Delphi application

Eclipse Tutorial

Habari ActiveMQ Client with Geronimo 2.2 and Eclipse

This new tutorial uses Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) and Geronimo with the embedded ActiveMQ 5.3 message broker

NetBeans Tutorials

Using Habari ActiveMQ Client with the Geronimo 2.2 application server

This new tutorial uses NetBeans 6.8 and the new version 2.2 of Geronimo with the embedded ActiveMQ broker in the current release version 5.3

Using Habari ActiveMQ Client with the Geronimo application server

This tutorial uses NetBeans 6.7 and Apache Geronimo 2.1.4

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