Delphi Client Library for Open Message Queue (OpenMQ) and GlassFish v3

GlassFish v3 application server includes version 4.4 of Open Message Queue (OpenMQ), a Java Message Service (JMS) message broker, as the default JMS provider.

For Delphi and Free Pascal developers, the interesting new feature in this release of OpenMQ is that it can exchange JMS messages with non-Java clients using the Stomp message protocol.

Today, betasoft announced the release of Habari OpenMQ Client 1.4, a client library which closely follows the JMS specification. Habari OpenMQ Client …

  • supports the peer-to-peer and the publish/subscribe communication model
  • provides message transformers for object serialization (JSON, XML)
  • supports TemporaryQueue and TemporaryTopic destinations. These destination types only exist for the duration of their connection, and are a resource-saving solution for RPC-style communication
  • uses the Stomp protocol and a plug-in architecture for communication libraries (Indy and Synapse)
  • works with Delphi 6 to 2010 and Free Pascal


About GlassFish v3

GlassFish v3 is the industry’s first application server to support the new Java Platform Enterprise Edition 6 (Java EE 6).


About Open Message Queue (OpenMQ)

Open Message Queue is an enterprise quality, production ready, scalable messaging server. It provides a complete Java Message Service (JMS) implementation for message oriented system integration. Read more: