Enterprise Messaging News (November 2010)

Stomp 1.1 Working Group

The group for the specification and discussion of the Stomp messaging protocol is working on the next version 1.1 of the Stomp specification. Group members include representatives of popular open source message brokers including Apache ActiveMQ, JBoss HornetQ and Springsource RabbitMQ. The current draft is online at Github. A first experimental Stomp 1.1 client for Perl is already in progress, and a Apollo based Stomp broker has been updated to include some Stomp 1.1 features.

RabbitMQ Stomp Plugin for Windows Available

The developers of the RabbitMQ message broker have released Windows binaries of their experimental Stomp plugin. RabbitMQ is an open source message broker software (message-oriented middleware), using the standard Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP). In April, Rabbit Technologies announced the aquisition by SpringSource, a division of VMware, Inc. (read the full press release).

JBoss Application Server 6.0 Release in December

New embedded HornetQ Message Broker also integrates with Habari Clients for Delphi

A final release of the JBoss Java EE 6 implementation is expected 17 December 2010. One of the new components in release 6.0 is HornetQ, a new JMS broker which replaces JBoss Messaging. For the first time, a default installation of JBoss Application Server now supports the Stomp protocol for messaging, making it easier to integrate applications with non-Java clients.

GlassFish v3.1 and Open Message Queue 4.5 Release expected for December

One week ago, Open Message Queue has reached the Milestone 6 build for the GlassFish 3.1 project. According to an entry on The Aquarium, GlassFish 3.1 will be released around end of this year, with full clustering support. The new GlassFish includes Open Message Queue 4.5, the second release which supports non-Java clients over a Stomp connector. Other new features in OpenMQ 4.5 include new 64 bit C client API libraries and improved clustering and IPv6 support. The main theme for GlassFish 3.1 is clustering which encompasses centralized admin, load-balancing and in-memory state replication (HA). The GlassFish roadmap can be found here.

FuseSource Launched as Standalone Open Source Messaging Vendor

This week, FuseSource Corporation announced it has launched operations as an independent company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Progress Software Corporation. To date, FuseSource has enabled more than 200 large enterprises worldwide to successfully implement large-scale open source integration projects, including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Sabre Holdings. FuseSource offers the following certified Apache distributions:

  • Fuse ESB® – Based on Apache ServiceMix, Fuse ESB is a fully productized enterprise service bus (ESB), the central “backbone” supporting enterprise integration efforts.
  • Fuse Message Broker® – Based on Apache ActiveMQ, Fuse Message Broker is an open source Java Message Service (JMS) Message Broker, which enables applications and service components to communicate with each other.
  • Fuse Mediation Router® – Based on Apache Camel, the Fuse Mediation Router is an engine that enables enterprises to quickly implement enterprise integration patterns.
  • Fuse Services Framework® – Based on Apache CXF, the Fuse Services Framework is a platform that enables rapid development and deployment of Web services, which enable applications to share specific functionality and information with each other.

15,000 Downloads of Habari Client for Delphi since January 2010

Habarisoft, developer of Delphi client libraries for open source message brokers, announced that the total download count reached 15,000 – not including downloads from secondary sites.