Visual FastMM monitoring with Habari Client for ActiveMQ

visualmm demo chart

visualmm demo chart

The next release of Habari Client for ActiveMQ includes a web demo application which displays memory allocation charts for running Delphi applications. This demo leverages a feature of FastMM (the new memory manager in Delphi): run time memory allocation statistics.

A dynamic chart example is available. It displays four charts:

  1. FastMM Memory Block Count (current snapshot)
  2. FastMM Overall Block Count (timeline for last n snapshots)
  3. FastMM Memory Block Size (current snapshot)
  4. FastMM Overall Block Size (timeline for last n snapshots)

Bundled with dwf – Web Framework for Delphi

The new dwf Web Application Framework for Delphi also includes the full source code for VisualMM, except the Habari Client library.