Habari Client Libraries for Delphi and Free Pascal – new releases

New versions of all Habari message broker client libraries is available. The new release of Habari Client libraries introduces new features, including improved Free Pascal support:

  • New: Remote Procedure Call (RPC) demo program
  • New: Heart-beating tests using built-in STOMP server
  • New: Connection parameter “subscribe.receipt” to request and verify broker confirmations for subscriptions
  • New: Connection pool example implementation with demo project
  • New: Tested with Free Pascal 2.6.2
  • New: Tested with Indy 10.6
  • New: Support for mixed compiler modes with Free Pascal
  • Improved: ESynapseError exceptions will be re-raised from Receive operations

With Habari Client libraries, Delphi and Free Pascal developers can take advantage of message broker technology, which is distributed, loosely coupled, reliable and asynchronous, to build integrated systems, connecting clients using the peer-to-peer or the publish-and-subscribe communication model.

Habari Client libraries provide access to enterprise quality messaging solutions. Supported message brokers include Apache ActiveMQ, Apollo, HornetQ, Open MQ, and RabbitMQ.

Habari Client Libraries