Habari Client libraries 2018.10 introduced a simple solution for low-level logging of  network communication. It can be very handy for diagnostic usage.

HOW-TO: switching on low-level logging of network communication

Low-level logging can be enabled with two steps:

  • add the conditional symbol HABARI_USE_INTERCEPT in the project options
  • rebuild the project (Ctrl+F9)


This feature is available only with the Indy communication adapter, since it uses the TIdIntercept components. The log output requires the proper write permissions on the output folder. For every connection, a new log file will be created, so make sure to clan up to restore storage space.

Log file location

The log file will be written to a directory  ‘habari’. For every connection, a new log file will be created.

As the STOMP line separators may differ from your operating system default line separator, a suitable text editor is required to view the log files.