Amazon MQ is a hosted version of the Apache ActiveMQ open source message broker.

Protocol support

It supports the the following protocols with TLS enabled:


ActiveMQ engines

Amazon MQ supports the following versions of ActiveMQ:

  • ActiveMQ 5.15.9 (recommended)
  • ActiveMQ 5.15.8
  • ActiveMQ 5.15.6
  • ActiveMQ 5.15.0

Amazon MQ FAQs

Developer Guide

Important Note

There are currently two “flavors” of ActiveMQ available – the “classic” 5.x broker and the “next generation” Artemis broker. Once Artemis reaches a sufficient level of feature parity with the 5.x code-base it will become ActiveMQ 6. Initial migration documentation is available.



About Habari Client libraries

Habari Client libraries enable Object Pascal applications to take advantage of message broker / message queue technology – which is distributed, loosely coupled, reliable and asynchronous – to build integrated systems, using peer-to-peer and publish-subscribe communication models. Habari Client libraries are available for the free open source message brokers Apache ActiveMQ, ActiveMQ Artemis, Open MQ and RabbitMQ.