RabbitMQ 3.7.0 released

The RabbitMQ team announced the release of RabbitMQ 3.7.0. Binary and source distributions of the new release can be found on the download page.

This release has new features, a few backwards-incompatible changes, as well as bug fixes. You can view the changes in the changelog.

Dropping support for older Erlang versions

RabbitMQ 3.7.0 as well as 3.6.x series starting with 3.6.15 will drop support for Erlang/OTP versions older than 19.3.


RabbitMQ 3.6.14 free open source message broker released

The RabbitMQ team announced the release of RabbitMQ 3.6.14. This is a bug fix release that corrects an issue in systemd spec unit files that could lead some systems into an infinite restart loop (in many cases it simply produces systemd warnings). Other than that, there is one management UI bug fix compared to 3.6.13.

Announcement URL: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/rabbitmq-users/xs4Y6lG6eNA